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The Spaceman of Bohemia The Spaceman of Bohemia

A perfect read for anyone who has ever thought about what "Kafka meets Andy Weir's The Martian" would look like. Spaceman of Bohemia follows Jacob, a Czech astronaut, as he travels through space on a 1-man mission for the glory of his country. In his solitude, he finds himself approached by an absurdity: a large alien spider with human lips, exhibiting a proclivity toward discussing life and love… Continue

Kenny Tymick Recommended by Kenny Tymick Adult Services Librarian, May 16, 2018
Iron House Iron House

by John Hart

Hitman Michael wants out, but the gang has threatened to kill his pregnant girlfriend and his brother, Julian, whom Michael hasn’t seen for 20 years. A violent incident in their childhood, which they spent in a North Carolina orphanage, led to Michael fleeing and Julian's adoption by a wealthy senator’s wife. Michael returns to North Carolina to ascertain Julian’s safety, but… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services April 18, 2018
The Fisher Boy The Fisher Boy

by Stephen Anable

Who killed Ian? Is there a connection to the cult living in an abandoned art colony in the woods near Truro? Cape Cod is overrun this summer by Swedish children connected to the cult and some unpleasant white supremacists. Mark, the last person to see Ian alive, learns a secret tying him more closely to Ian. Mark and his mostly gay group of friends try to solve Ian’s murder while learning… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services March 06, 2018
iPod Nano iPod Nano

Listen to an Audiobook

If you have a La Grange library card, you can check out the iPod Nano and listen to some of the current best sellers, including: Dragon teeth, Michael Crichton Same beach, next year, Frank, Dorothea Benton Woman in the window, Finn, A. J. Camino Island, Grisham, John Into the water, Hawkins, Paula Little fires everywhere, Ng, Celeste Come sundownRoberts, Nora Hillbilly elegy, Vance, J.… Continue

Chuck Johnson Recommended by Chuck Johnson Digital Services Coordinator, February 27, 2018
The Somnambulist The Somnambulist

by Jonathan Barnes

Magician Edward Moon has a rep for crime-solving, but a recent series of murders has him baffled. Together with his bald giant of an assistant, the Somnambulist, Moon must work his way through the dark underbelly of London—dealing with fortune tellers, a sinister circus performers, twisted “enforcers” and a cult devoted to the poet Samuel Coleridge—among others—to… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services February 27, 2018