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The Fisher Boy The Fisher Boy

by Stephen Anable

Who killed Ian? Is there a connection to the cult living in an abandoned art colony in the woods near Truro? Cape Cod is overrun this summer by Swedish children connected to the cult and some unpleasant white supremacists. Mark, the last person to see Ian alive, learns a secret tying him more closely to Ian. Mark and his mostly gay group of friends try to solve Ian’s murder while learning… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services March 06, 2018
iPod Nano iPod Nano

Listen to an Audiobook

If you have a La Grange library card, you can check out the iPod Nano and listen to some of the current best sellers, including: Dragon teeth, Michael Crichton Same beach, next year, Frank, Dorothea Benton Woman in the window, Finn, A. J. Camino Island, Grisham, John Into the water, Hawkins, Paula Little fires everywhere, Ng, Celeste Come sundownRoberts, Nora Hillbilly elegy, Vance, J.… Continue

Chuck Johnson Recommended by Chuck Johnson Digital Services Coordinator, February 27, 2018
The Somnambulist The Somnambulist

by Jonathan Barnes

Magician Edward Moon has a rep for crime-solving, but a recent series of murders has him baffled. Together with his bald giant of an assistant, the Somnambulist, Moon must work his way through the dark underbelly of London—dealing with fortune tellers, a sinister circus performers, twisted “enforcers” and a cult devoted to the poet Samuel Coleridge—among others—to… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services February 27, 2018
Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

by Gail Honeyman

The story begins with Eleanor Oliphant, a quirky, introverted and humorously opinionated young woman who leads a mundane office life by day, and lonely, self-regimented life by night. The narrative quickly evolves as serendipitous events begin to connect Eleanor with other people in ways she never dreamed possible. This is a story of friendships, healing, and forgiveness, that is told with a… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services January 03, 2018
Email From Our Copier Email From Our Copier

Did you know you can email a hard copy document right from the Library’s copier? Just scan your item into the copier and enter the email address. No money is needed for the copier. It’s that easy.

Chuck Johnson Recommended by Chuck Johnson Digital Services Coordinator, June 15, 2017
Almost Missed You Almost Missed You

by Jessica Strawser

Almost missed you is the story of a marriage and the dark secrets that were never shared. This reads like a thriller and has wonderful twists and turns. A great summer read.

Leslie Hartoonian Recommended by Leslie Hartoonian Member Services Manager, June 01, 2017

Stream Netflix

We have 6 circulating devices which will turn your television into a smart TV. It connects either by an HDMI or AV cable (provided). You must have an WiFi connection in your home. Access dozens of TV shows and movies, or stream Netflix directly to your TV. Check out at the Patron Services desk.

Digital Services Recommended by Digital Services March 30, 2016