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Orphan Island Orphan Island

by Laurel Snyder

Imagine a beautiful island far out in the sea. Then, imagine 11 children living alone on this island, using their survival skills to hunt food and care for themselves. These orphans are quite happy and have no memory of where they came from. They all just showed up one year, alone on a boat that comes to shore. When the boat comes to bring a new child, the eldest child must leave on the boat.… Continue

Children's Services Recommended by Children's Services January 03, 2018
The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z. The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z.

by Kate Messner

Gianna is a strong and eccentric 12-year-old girl who wears her feelings on her sleeve. Despite how dearly Gianna loves her family, she grapples with sharing her family life with her peers in school because they think her family is weird. This is an unforgettable story about friendship, the love of family, and middle school life. Readers can relate to Gianna’s struggle with procrastination… Continue

Children's Services Recommended by Children's Services November 07, 2017
Zen Shorts Zen Shorts

by Jon Muth

Three stories and three children are the elements in this story where Stillwater the panda helps the children navigate life's dilemmas. Thoughtful and creative for even the oldest readers.

Lori Recommended by Lori Children's Services Associate, October 23, 2017