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Heartless Heartless

by Marissa Meyer

The Queen of Hearts wasn’t always yelling “Off with their heads!” She was once a young girl who loved to bake and dreamed of owning a bakery of her very own. She had crushes too, only not with the boys her parents or station would approve of. Outside pressures shaped her life and led her to a role she never wanted. Read about her shocking path from young woman to queendom in… Continue

Young Adult Recommended by Young Adult November 07, 2017
Miles Morales: Spider-Man Miles Morales: Spider-Man

by Jason Reynolds

Excellent student Miles Morales attends Brooklyn Visions Academy with his best friend Ganke. Being a scholarship kid at a fancy private school is stressful enough, but Miles is also Spider-man! It’s a secret that only Ganke and Miles’ father know. Add the fact that he is crushing on a brainy poet and that his history teacher is out to get him, it’s no wonder Miles is close to… Continue

Young Adult Recommended by Young Adult November 07, 2017
Dumplin' Dumplin'

by Julie Murphy

Willowdean (nicknamed Dumplin’ by her mom) is 16-years-old and on a mission. Being plus size, she can find life a little hard to navigate. Feelings of insecurity arise from dating, school and coming to grips with the death of her aunt. She decides to shake things up by entering the Miss Teen Blue Bonnet Pageant in her small Texas town. A movie version of Dumplin’ is in the works, so… Continue

Young Adult Recommended by Young Adult August 24, 2017
The Haters The Haters

by Jesse Andrews

Three teen musicians run away from jazz camp to tour as a rock band. They have no name, no experience, and no gigs. But when best friends Corey and Wes meet their brash bandmate Ash, she encourages them to take the road trip of their lives.

Young Adult Recommended by Young Adult July 19, 2017