Freegal Help

Freegal Frequently Asked Questions

On a Computer
1.    Login or create an account
2.    Enter your Library card number and SWAN PIN.
3.    To search, you can browse by artist or genre, or type in the search box.
4.    You can download three songs per week.  Place additional titles on your wishlist for next week.
5.    To download, click “Download Now.”  It’s that easy! Be sure to select SAVE when you download.
6.    To stream up to 3 hours of music per day, put your cursor over an album. You will see a “stream now” button come up. If you press that button on an album, the whole album will play in order.
7.    To create a playlist: Click on “My Playlists” under “Streaming” on the left side of the page. Click on “Create and Store Playlists.” At the top center of the page, click on the “+” symbol next to “Saved Playlists.” Name your playlist and describe it. In that box, click on “Create New Playlist” and your playlist is ready to add music.
8.    Click Logout at the top right when finished.

Using the App
1.    Mobile device users can download an app to access Freegal.  From the App Store or Google Play Store, download the free Freegal app.
2.    Open the Freegal app.
3.    Enter your Library card number and SWAN PIN to login.
4.    To download, click on the down arrow.  You can download three songs per week.  
5.    Downloaded songs will automatically appear in your device’s music list.

Download 3 songs per week.

Stream 3 hours per day.