Natural Beauty: A Break From Technology

Sep 8, 6:00 PM–8:00 PM
La Grange Public Library Dierkes Community Room B


Lower Level Gallery: Artist's Reception for Ryan StuchlyArtist's Statement:As a photographer I tend to notice small details and moments of beauty, natural and unnatural alike.  With this exhibit I decided to emphasize nature.  We pass by and through nature everyday whether it is as small as flowers hidden among weeds, or as large as a forest preserve or national park. Nature provides relief from the technology driven world we live in. Too often we are glued to our devices and pass by small natural moments of beauty.  It is my hope that this exhibit will entice you, the viewer, to spend more time in nature or at least be more observant of its beauty, small and large.  Ryan Stuchly    WWW.RYANSTUCHLY.COM
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