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President - Bridgette O'Connor
Vice President - John Reardon
Secretary - Laurie Braun
Treasurer - Bill Coffee

Reid Carlberg 
Becky Spratford

(First Person Listed is Chair)
  • Building and Grounds – Reardon, Braun & Carlberg
  • Development & Advocacy – Carlberg, Coffee & Nelson
  • Finance – Coffee, Reardon & Spratford
  • FOL Liaison – Braun
  • RAILS Liaison – Coffee
  • Personnel – O'Connor, Nelson & Spratford
  • Planning – Spratford, Carlberg & Reardon
  • Policy – Braun, Coffee & Nelson
  • Village Liaison – Braun

The Library Board of Trustees normally meets on the third Tuesday of each month, in the Library's Donna Raymond Board Room.

Meeting start time is 7:30 PM and members of the public may attend.  Note that the Board Committees meet at various times during the year as needed - not necessarily on a regular schedule.    
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To contact the Library Board of Trustees, send e-mail to trustees [@]