Closed Sunday, May 29 & Monday, May 30 for Memorial Day.

First-Floor Renovation Update

October 16, 2018

A lot has happened since our first-floor renovation began this June and things are starting to take shape! New windows have been installed along Cossitt Avenue, making the previously outdoor colonnade usable indoor space, and soon the new main entrance will be complete. The current temporary walls in the lobby and Children’s Services areas will be removed, and there will be partitions installed around the future café space (previously the vestibule) so crews can work on the area while the Library is open.

The new door into Children’s Services has been installed, and updates to the family bathroom are underway. Soon, the shelves in Children’s Services will be rotated for better visibility down the aisles.

Still to come is the installation of the service desks, and the pop-up programming area and new play-based learning materials in Children’s Services. The final task will be installing new flooring.

In order to decrease the time needed to install the floor and finish the renovation, the Library will likely close for an estimated two weeks in late November/early December. As soon as the dates have been finalized, we will post them on our website and social media, and send information to our e-newsletter mailing list. 

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