Patti Eaton

Children's Services Assistant Manager

Patti Eaton

(708) 215-3200 ,

Patti does programming for all ages and loves recommending books to beginning chapter book readers.


Battle of the Bad-Breath Bats
Cousins Malia, Ivan and Dante are visiting their Aunt Lucy for the summer. On the way to a waterpark, they meet an old woman who suggests they take a shortcut through an alley. They come out on 13th Street, but it's really a strange world filled with dangerous beasts. This beginning chapter book series is perfect for kids ages 5-8 who love “scary” stories that are also funny.… Continue
Sky Gazing
Who hasn’t stared up at the sky and wondered about the stars, the sun, the moon and the planets? Readers are given a tour of the solar system and deep space with no telescope or binoculars required. Kids will learn how to spot and observe planets, identify constellations throughout the seasons, how the Earth’s moon was formed and why there are phenomena such as eclipses, meteor… Continue
Outside, Inside
This picture book does a beautiful job of explaining the last year without mentioning the word ‘pandemic’. It celebrates essential workers who could not go inside because some needed to protect us, and others made sure that we had what we needed. Even though we stayed inside we continued to learn and grow, and nature thrived on the outside. The text captures so many emotions from 2020… Continue