Laura Goldsborough

Children's Services Librarian

Laura Goldsborough

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Genesis Begins Again
Genesis has an awful lot to handle for a 13-year-old. She and her family have been evicted several times because her father’s paycheck goes toward alcohol and gambling and her mom’s pay doesn’t cover the rest. Dad’s words hurt when he’s drunk; the most hurtful of them that Genesis is too black, like him, and not enough like her light-skinned mom. Even her black… Continue
What’s a big, blue, HUNGRY, HUFFY, GROWLY Wolfboy to do when he can’t find any rabbits? As he climbs, stomps, sploshes and slogs along, searching through the forest, creek, bog and ravine he uncovers no rabbits—or any other food for that matter! Will he ever be satisfied, or will his hanger get the best of him? And, will the cute rabbits be part of the surprise ending? Readers… Continue
Invented by Animals: Meet the Creatures Who Inspired Our Everyday Technology
Did you ever wonder where the idea to make paper from wood pulp came from? Or whether someone could design a real invisibility cloak someday? Or how cool it could be to be able to crawl across a ceiling? All these ideas and more came from scientists, inventors and other curious folks studying animals and insects! Think about it... Animals and insects have been finding amazing ways to adapt their… Continue