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Emily Roth

Children's Services Librarian

Emily Roth


The Best At It
When Rahul Kapoor starts seventh grade, his beloved grandfather Bhai gives him some advice: find one thing you’re really good at and become the best at it. Rahul is convinced that once he figures out what he’s the best at, his anxieties will go away and his classmate Justin will notice him. With the help of his best friend Chelsea, Rahul is determined to prove himself, but what if… Continue
Dragons and Marshmallows
In this first book of the Zoey and Sassafras series, Zoey learns that her mom cares for injured magical creatures in their barn, and Zoey is very excited to help out. But when her mom is away, can Zoey, with the help of her cat Sassafras, figure out how to help a sick baby dragon? This story combines fantasy with real scientific facts, and is perfect for budding scientists and animal lovers.… Continue
My Jasper June
A year after Leah's family endures a terrible tragedy, she meets Jasper. Jasper is a girl her age who appears in the neighborhood suddenly. She seems mysterious and almost magical. But Leah will learn that Jasper also has secrets and has endured hardships of her own. Together, the two girls learn to carve out a place for themselves. Although this book deals with heavy topics, Snyder writes with a… Continue
What Can a Citizen Do?
This book explores the many ways that one can be a good citizen using simple text that makes a bold statement. From planting a tree, to taking a stand, to joining a cause, citizens have the power to make the world a better place. After all, "a citizen’s not what you are, a citizen is what you do.” Recommended for ages 5-8.