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Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor: Hidden Human History

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor: Hidden Human History

by Jody Houser

No waiting on Hoopla: https://bit.ly/2XARcp8

If you miss the Doctor Who TV series, check out the Doctor Who comics on Hoopla! There are over 300 comics to choose from featuring the adventures of every Doctor. If you are a Thirteenth Doctor fan, Hidden Human History is a classic mix of action, mystery and a few emotional, feel-good moments. In this saga, the Doctor and her companions track a blood sucking breed of aliens wrecking havoc through time. The art is vibrant and captures the characters beautifully, and in Hoopla, you can zoom in or even read panel by panel, allowing you to appreciate the art in minute detail!

Hoopla Graphic Novel: Hidden Human History

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