Opposite of Always

Opposite of Always

by Justin A. Reynolds

Available via Overdrive: http://bit.ly/3vmj4MK and Hoopla: https://bit.ly/3qQxWPZ

This #OwnVoices rom-com explores the possibilities of having a second, or infinite second chances, to save the one you love. When Jack meets funny, sweet, Froot Loops loving Kate, it’s love at first sight. Even his family and friends love her. But tragedy strikes and Kate dies unexpectedly. Jack feels like his world is caving in, but in an unexpected twist, he wakes up to find himself reliving his life from the moment he and Kate met over and over again. Is this a chance to save Kate’s life or a chance to learn a more valuable lesson?

Overdrive e-book: Opposite of Always

Overdrive audiobook: Opposite of Always

Hoopla e-book: Opposite of Always

Hoopla audiobook: Opposite of Always

Physical Copy: Opposite of Always

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