Mexican Gothic

Mexican Gothic

by Sylvia Moreno-Garcia

Noemi Taboada receives a disturbing letter from Catalina her cousin who seems to be experiencing a mental break with reality. A strong-willed urban socialite, Noemi travels from Mexico City to rescue her cousin from the apparent neglect of her husband and his British family, the Doyles. They live together at “High Tower,” an ominous country manor, crumbling and rotting above an impoverished mining town that the Doyle’s once ran. The first half of this novel lulls readers into the atmospheric familiarity of a gothic story full of psychological suspense, before it twists into a chilling page–turning horror story that smartly written and unsettling. Check out readalike author P. Djeli Clark. Both authors write non-western fantasies with strong female protagonists and create stories that richly weave together history and folklore. 

Jeanne Jesernik Recommended by Jeanne Jesernik Adult Services Librarian

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