Wilder Girls

Wilder Girls

by Rory Power

Also available via Overdrive: https://bit.ly/3CFVJKf

Meet Hetty, a headstrong navy brat who is enjoying a newfound liberation at Raxter School for Girls. That is, until the Tox sets in. Byatt, her best friend (and maybe something more), viewed this all-girls boarding school as a fresh start before the mysterious plague. The teachers died quickly, but the Tox kills teenagers much slower, gradually unraveling their biology. A military quarantine is imposed as the girls wait for a cure, but there are secrets, plots and twists. Soon Byatt is in danger and Hetty is desperate to rescue her. This fast-paced mix of horror story and mystery is intense, but engaging and thought-provoking if you don’t mind a few gruesome details.

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