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Mary Recommended by Mary Member Services Clerk, November 07, 2019
A Room With A View A Room With A View

by E.M. Forster

Meet sheltered, young Lucy Honeychurch as she travels to Italy in this wry classic. Her sensibilities are piqued by both the beauty and sensuality of Florence, as well as the romantic entreaties of passionate, unconventional George Emerson. Lucy, who is traveling with her spinster cousin, the straight-laced Charlotte, knows that George is from a lower social class, but he’s just so much… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services October 23, 2019
Black Leopard, Red Wolf Black Leopard, Red Wolf

by Marlon James

Author, Marlon James, jokingly referred to the book as the African Game of Thrones, but there’s very little to laugh about in this dark fantasy. Tracker, and a group including a shapeshifter, a giant and enigmatic witch, are hired to locate a boy under suspicious circumstances. Throughout their adventure, the reader is challenged to witness uncomfortable truths that fit frightfully into… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services October 23, 2019
Midnight Robber Midnight Robber

by Nalo Hopkinson

Seven-year-old Tan-Tan dresses in her favorite costume as her folk hero “The Midnight Robber” during Carnival on the futuristic Caribbean colonized planet, Toussaint. The festivities resemble that of Carnival on planet Earth, but all residents are connected through ear implants to the surveillance system of Grande Nanotech Sentient Interface, also known as Granny Nanny. At Carnival,… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services October 23, 2019
The Fourth Monkey The Fourth Monkey

by J.D. Barker

A long-sought serial killer is killed by a bus with his journal conveniently in his pocket. Detective Sam Porter rushes to find a final victim the journal alludes to; a teen girl who may still be alive. The killer, who follows a “See No Evil” pattern as his modus operandi, has written extensively about his upbringing in the journal, providing plenty of reasons for the direction his… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services October 23, 2019
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Digital Services Recommended by Digital Services August 21, 2019
The Friend The Friend

by Sigrid Nunez

Unexpectedly profound is the outcome of Nunez's endeavor to marry together themes of loss and despair with wry, yet sincere ponderings over the nature of our canine companions. Nunez writes a darkly humorous and poignant story of a woman grappling with the death of a friend. This book generates its value in an emotional currency not often found in literature and is a well-earned recipient of the… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services August 09, 2019
Slammed Slammed

by Colleen Hoover

Her father’s death was devastating, and now 18-year-old Layken’s mother has uprooted her Texas family and relocated them to Michigan. Things look brighter when she meets Will, the hot, friendly guy from across the street. They go on one wonderful date to a poetry slam before the bottom falls out of their budding relationship in a shocking way. Layken must make mature decisions in the… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services August 09, 2019
A Gathering of Old Men A Gathering of Old Men

by Ernest J. Gaines

When a brutal Cajun farmer is killed on a Louisiana plantation, a white woman and 18 elderly black men each claim responsibility. The sheriff believes he knows who did it, though plenty of people had motives. Meanwhile, the dead man’s father debates whether to form a lynch mob while his college student son tries to convince him “the old days are over.” This is a fascinating… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services July 11, 2019
The Secret Scripture The Secret Scripture

by Sebastian Barry

The tragic story of a 100-year-old Irish woman unjustly installed in a mental asylum for most of her life is told through journal entries. Roseanne McNulty had several strikes against her when she was locked up. She was Protestant in a strongly Catholic county, beautiful and joyfully sexual with her new husband, and acquainted with local rebels. Now, the Roscommon Regional Mental Hospital is… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services July 11, 2019
What Doesn't Kill Her What Doesn't Kill Her

by Carla Norton

Seven years ago, Reeve was rescued from the predator who kidnapped her at age 12 and kept her as his toy for four years. Her former captor, Daryl Wayne Flint, has escaped from the mental institution that has been his home since. Knowing Flint will soon begin hunting other young girls, Reeve leaves the relative safety of her new life as a college student and returns to Seattle to assist the FBI in… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services June 14, 2019
Stuff to Die For Stuff to Die For

by Don Bruns

James and Skip are recent college grads whose plans of becoming rich are progressing much too slowly. At loose ends with no solid career plans, the friends start a hauling business because everyone has “stuff” to move. Their first job involves them with a messy divorce, a high school classmate and a dangerous plot by ex-pat Cubans. There’s humor and not too much gore in this… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services June 14, 2019
Hoodlum Hoodlum

by K'wan

Born into a New York City crime family, Shai was known as the “good” brother. While Tommy was groomed to inherit their empire from powerful Trinidadian immigrant Poppa Clark, Shai’s future plans included college and a pro basketball career. Shai loses his spot on the college team (for betting) so he returns home. There, he reconnects with buddy Swan and is sucked into the lure… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services May 16, 2019
Shakespeare and Company Shakespeare and Company

by Sylvia Beach

Paris in the 1920s! Imagine lounging in cafés late into the night and discussing the latest works of Joyce, Hemingway and Fitzgerald (who are also your neighbors and friends)! Author Sylvia Beach lived that dream life. An American who owned a bookshop specializing in American works, her store was frequented by all the major players of the era. Beach shares stories of her shop, her talented… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services May 15, 2019
The Noise of Time The Noise of Time

by Julian Barnes

The near-impossibility of maintaining artistic integrity under Soviet rule is explored in this fictional portrait of composer Dmitri Shostakovich. Though Shostakovich survives the potentially fatal experience of Stalin denouncing his work, the price he pays is great. To keep his family and friends (as well as himself) safe, he must submit to the political forces and represent himself as a good… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services April 19, 2019