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Melmoth Melmoth

by Sarah Perry

Lean, mean, and packed full of psychological dread. In true Gothic fashion, Perry pens a symphony of prose and perturbation as we follow Helen Franklin, an Englishwoman working in Prague under self-imposed exile. When Karel, a colleague of Helen's, goes missing after researching the folk legend of Melmoth the Witness, she finds herself despairing over his abandoned documents to discover the truth… Continue

Kenny Tymick Recommended by Kenny Tymick Adult Services Librarian, February 06, 2019
Census Census

by Jesse Ball

Full of wisdom and compassion, Census is deeply thoughtful and affecting. The story follows a widowed father with a terminal illness, worried over the fate of his son once he is gone. Father and son depart on a journey together visiting households and serving dubiously as census-takers, witnessing, listening, and reflecting on poignant accounts of the human experience. It holds within it an… Continue

Kenny Tymick Recommended by Kenny Tymick Adult Services Librarian, January 29, 2019
Cherry Cherry

by Nico Walker

This semi-autobiographical fiction work gives readers a chance to discover a story that is as difficult to read as it is to put down. A young man leaves his home in Cleveland to join the Army and fights in the Iraq war. He then battles the aftermath of post-traumatic stress disorder and opioid addiction and robs banks for drug money. Fans of Kurt Vonnegut may appreciate that Nico Walker's unnamed… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services January 16, 2019
Learn with Lynda Learn with Lynda

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Chuck Johnson Recommended by Chuck Johnson Digital Services Manager, January 16, 2019
Deadly Gamble Deadly Gamble

by Linda Lael Miller

When Mojo was five, her parents were murdered and her stepbrother went to prison for the crime. Kidnapped by her babysitter to keep her safe, Mojo lived on the run for years and grew up with an assumed name. Adult Mojo now lives above a biker bar and avoids serious relationships. When her shady uncle re-enters the picture, things turn deadly for Mojo who has to use her psychic skills (including… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services December 03, 2018
Maisie Dobbs Maisie Dobbs

by Jacqueline Winspear

Motherless at 14, young maid Maisie is discovered reading in the library of her employer, progressive aristocrat Lady Rowan, who sets her up with a tutor and mentor. Maisie’s studies are interrupted when she enlists as a Red Cross nurse in World War II and falls in love with an army medic, but an exploding shell destroys their future together. Post-war, Maisie opens a detective agency… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services December 03, 2018
Bluebird, Bluebird Bluebird, Bluebird

by Attica Locke

Texas Ranger Darren Matthews holds so dearly the values of truth, justice and equity. He is a Ranger first and foremost, but his high standards and ideals are continuously challenged and tested as he attempts to solve two seemingly linked murders in a close-knit community that has many secrets. Racial discrimination and tension, and violence and hatred are embedded in the town of Lark, Texas, but… Continue

Adult Services Recommended by Adult Services October 18, 2018