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Come read, play and grow with us!

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Our newly updated play space offers fun, enriching activities geared towards children up to age five. Stretch imagination and build early literacy skills with a variety of toys and puzzles, connect with other children and caregivers, or cozy up for some one-on-one book-sharing.
See more photos of our new play space here!

Looking for a book? Need homework help? Want to sign up for a storytime or STEAM program? Come ask us—we are here to help!

You never know what exciting STEAM or literary school-age or preschool projects might "pop up" in our brand-new Pop-Up Program area. Tables are available for homework and tutors, too. 

With four public iPads featuring curated apps and four public desktop computers specifically reserved for children, we help serve as Digital Media Mentors. 

Whether you need a homework or technology break, or just something fun to do while you're here, check out our rotating collection of Maker Kits for school-age kids and discover something new. 

Look for us out in the community, too!

From the La Grange Farmers' Market and special classroom visits to Mobile Book Bins across our community, Children's Services is always looking for ways to bring the library closer to you.

Let us know how we can partner with you!

Our programs are open to children of all abilities. To request accommodations, please call the Children's Services Desk, or email Patti Eaton, Children's Services Assistant Manager, at eatonp@lagrangelibrary.org.



by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Colors evoke emotion. In this endearing story of a boy and his dog, we see just why colors are so meaningful, particularly the color blue. Baby blue, ocean blue and midnight blue are just some of the colors that Seeger links to the boy and his dog as they go through life together. Prepare for a few tears tempered with joy in this story of an enduring friendship. Recommended for reading aloud with… Continue

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