Our Outreach Librarian is always available to help teachers, librarians, and other educators with all kinds of special services.

We can assist with in-school storytime or booktalk visits; scheduling school field trips; or pulling and reserving books for homework assignments. Teachers, let us know about upcoming assignments by filling out a Teacher Assignment Alert form. Also, if there's a need for library services in your youth club or organization, scout troop or preschool event, please let us know. Don't be shy about suggesting ideas we haven't thought of yet! Contact Rachael Dabkey at 708.215.3214.

Information for Teachers

What can we do for YOU?
We can help you...

Educate, inform and entertain...

  • Visit your classroom with a storytime for younger students
  • Visit your classroom with a booktalk for older students
  • Visit teachers' meetings or school groups to talk about new books, early literacy, or other library-related topics
  • Organize class field trips to the library
  • Set up a library display at a school function (Open House, Book Fair, etc.)

Support your curriculum needs...

Help with information and literacy skills...

  • Help you run a "Battle of the Books" tournament at your school
  • Help you run a one-day Reading Fair for your school
  • Help you with "how-to-use-the-library" instruction

Or anything else related to books and reading that you can think of! The possibilities are endless!

For more information, please contact Youth Services at dabkeyr@lagrangelibrary.org or 708.215.3214

Our Special Needs Collection

These carefully selected materials support the various learning styles, social and emotional development and sensory integration issues of children. We have hands-on games, flashcards and learning materials with teacher's guides, as well as informative books for parents and teachers working with children with unique learning needs. The goal of this collection is to supplement resources for professionals, provide children with new material for learning and be a useful teaching guide for parents to use at home.

This is an ever growing collection and we are always looking for suggestions from our Special Needs community.