Meeting Owl Pro

The Meeting Owl Pro is a 360 degree camera, microphone and speaker that is available in our Dierkes A and AB meeting rooms.

  1. Position the Meeting Owl Pro within 6-feet of your intended speakers.
  2. Plug the Micro-USB and power cables in the ports located on the underside of the Meeting Owl Pro.
  3. Connect the USB cable into the host computer’s USB port and plug in the power. The Meeting Owl Pro will ~hoot~ when you press the power on button.
  4. Sign in to your video conferencing platform (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Go To Meeting, etc.) and select the Meeting Owl Pro as your camera, speaker and microphone if not already automatically selected.
  5. The Meeting Owl Pro will scan the room for significant movement and voice activity. It may take a few seconds to jump to the active speaker.

When finished using the Meeting Owl Pro, please inform staff so that they put away the device.