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The Margin Project: Where Books Become Social

Lots of things are way more fun when shared. But for the most part, reading has been a solitary activity. Sometimes that's what's so great about it.  Other times, it would be kind of cool to know what other people were thinking of the book you are now reading.The Margin Project makes it possible for readers to share their thoughts by writing in books!What do you write? Anything that you want about your thoughts and feelings as you read. Just keep it clean and friendly, please!You can write a thought or doodle a picture-maybe a teardrop if it's sad or a heart if there's a line you adore.Whatever you do, have fun with it!Come to the Teen Services Room, check out our Margin Project display and take a book home today.For inspiration and to share what you've written/drawn visit this Pinterest page.

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Save the Date

by Morgan Matson

Dum dum da dummm, it’s a wedding! Charlie’s older sister, Linnie, is getting married. Charlie can’t wait to get the family together one last time before their parents sell the family home and she heads to college. It’s been forever since the five siblings have been together at one time. It’s going to be a perfect weekend…or so she thinks! The chaos that… Continue

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